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Painting and Drawing
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In my little gallery you can see paintings and drawings in different techniques, for example oil, watercolour and pastell - but also handpainted silk scarfs.
Come in a colorful world of landscapes, flowers and other nice motifs. If you have some questions about my art, your welcome to send me a e-mail.

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Something about the artist

Haike Espenhain was born in 1967 in Leipzig / Germany.
Now she lives with her husband and three children in a little village near Leipzig

After school she trained goldsmith with extensive sketch and design education and worked some years in this profession.
During this time she began to make drawings and paintings with pencil and watercolors, and in the following years also in other techniques.

Continious extension and perfecting of her drawing techniques
realistic and abstract work using different techniques
Freelance artist since 2000

Now she is painting landscapes, flowers, still lifes and other in oil, watercolor, pencil, pastell, charcoal and Indian ink. She also painted silkscarfs. Some artworks are realistic and close to the nature. They often show details in shape and color.
Other paintings are abstractly worlds of colors and feelings.
Her works can be found in private ownership and in the public area
Since 1999 Haike Espenhain had periodic individual and group exhibitions in different cities in Germany.

Do you enjoy my paintings and want to purchase one?  Please notice the following informations:

- Please respect the correct size, measures are given in centimeters. (30 cm = 11,81 inch; 40 cm = 15,75 inch; 50 cm = 19,69 inch; 60 cm = 23,62 inch; 70 cm = 27,56 inch)

- Shipping costs are charged separately.
 for example: Germany  - USA 36 € (by the maximal  messures 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm)

- Your prepayment by PayPal or international bank transfer is appreciated, no cheques.

Haike Espenhain
Brandiser Str. 7
04827 Machern


I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all my paintings, illustrations etc.
 For commercial use of the above, my written consent is needed at all times!

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